PRACTICAL marketing & PR mentoring programme
for aspiring food and drink brands

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Are you a small food and drink business looking to understand how marketing and pr could be the missing spark to elevate your brand from the back shelf to the mainstream? Elevation Marketing has worked with some of the nation’s favourite products and brands, from the point of inception, right through to seeing it on the supermarket shelves.

Our cost effective practical mentoring and training programme maybe just what you need to ignite those aspirations and make them a reality!

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Your programme will be led by a senior marketing professional, with a dedicated number of hours for direct mentoring, training, and practical support covering a selection of the following marketing disciplines:

Brand Messaging & Proposition
Audience Targeting – Who & How?
Market Analysis – Understanding Your Market
Copywriting for Different Audiences & Media Targeting
Working with the Media – Building Relationships
Buyers Marketing Programme
Design & Content Creation Tools for Direct Marketing
Exhibition Management
Sampling Campaign Management
Social Media Set Up & Management
Digital & SEO Marketing
Building Partnerships – Who & What?
Working with Digital Influencers
Building an Affiliate Programme
Website Design & Build


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