Posted April 1st, 2019
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Creating engaging content on social media platforms every day can feel like a tough ask – and that’s ok, we’ve all had our creative capacity stretched when producing a social plan.

But there are plenty of free, and super useful resources available to inject a bit of a spark back into your social channels.  It’s time to create a Twitter strategy to keep your customers coming back for more, and ultimately drive them over the line to purchase.

You have a story to tell, let’s hear it.  Here are some quick and easy tips from the experts at Twitter to get you started:

  1. Use Twitter polls: ask questions! What better way to engage with your audience that to ask them a question you’d genuinely like to know the answer to? New flavours, packaging, product thoughts, ask an opened question and tap into a world of opinion.  Don’t forget to share any interesting results, or results to provoke further thought.
  2. Go Cross-Channel: show case your brand narrative over time – share blog posts, positive brand news, industry events and research. If there’s any content you’re creating for your website, share it or repurpose it for Twitter!
  3. Include visual assets: people are three times more likely to engage with tweets that include visual content. Add video, images and GIFs to tweets to reap consumer engagement.
  4. Curate compelling content: look for opportunities to share content from your audience. Build relationships and introduce new viewpoints to further engage and build your audience. By taking inspiration from a number of sources will keep your content fresh and audience engaged.

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