Posted March 7th, 2019
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If you’re new to social, or just looking to make your content zing, you are probably familiar with hashtags – but do you know how you can use them to find new customers and engage on a different level?

Here’s your hashtag 101!

When should you use a hashtag? Hashtags are a great way to categorise content – so whether you’re looking for inspiration or want your brand to be featured in a conversation, get hashtagging. Hashtagging is a way of indexing content on social making it searchacble/discoverable by other users – in real time.

Where should you use a hashtag? You’ll find hashtags on all social media channels, but they’re perhaps currently most prevalent on Instagram

Can I create my own hashtag?  Yes!  If you want to track conversation about your brand, start including your branded # on posts.  Use it as a call to action for others to include in their posts about your product – or even add it to your bio.  If you want to incentivize others to use it, why not run a monthly competition to celebrate your favourite or most engaged post to further encourage sharing by your brand advocates?

Does it work? Let’s look at the stats!

  • Tweetswith one hashtag generate the most engagement. But engagement drops when you use more than two hashtags.
  • Instagram posts with at least one hashtag included in the caption have 12.6% more engagement than those without. Studies into the optimal number of hashtags to use in a post have not agreed a number – so test it out within the 30 hashtag limit
  • Facebook hashtags are mostly owned by influencers or brands – if you choose to use hashtags here, keep it to 1-2 tags per post. Hashtags with 10+ characters receive good engagement – so no need to keep it short here!

Ready to start?  Trying searching for keywords related to your product, as see which other tags are suggested or used in similar posts – you’ll be hashtagging in no time!

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SOURCES: SproutSocial