Posted November 22nd, 2018
Xmas 2

A third of small businesses believe seasonal trading is vital for their growth, with 21% of the year’s revenue typically taken over this period. And with Black Friday looming, experts are predicting that consumers will spend £2.4 billion on deals in stores and online this weekend alone, demonstrating why the seasonal sales period could make or break a small business.

So what can you do to ensure you are ready? Here are some great tips for entrepreneurs to make the next few weeks as successful as possible:

  1. Ensure your website can handle increased traffic, as visits to retail websites increase by 270% over the festive period
  2. Consider running special offers and use social media smartly to promote these. A quarter of British shoppers say a discount of 20-29% is enough to convince them to buy a product
  3. Make adjustments to your delivery times and discussed plans with your suppliers and customers to handle volume and prevent customer disappointment
  4. Ensure you have enough stock of popular items. Many customers say they would use another retailer or brand if the product they wanted was out of stock
  5. Consider being involved with Small Business Saturday. 48%of people who shopped at a small enterprise on Small Business Saturday in previous years said they spent more than they would usually, and 75% of local councils supported the campaign, increasing by 55%

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SOURCES: Accenture, Kantar UK Insights, Experian and Retail Research