Posted August 23rd, 2019
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So you’ve set up your social media channels, and perhaps you’re not seeing the engagement you were expecting?  Or maybe you’re looking to up the ante and drive sales or sharing within your network?

With the importance placed on social media strategy reaching an all-time high, and with the average person in the UK spending four hours accessing the internet via a laptop and over 1 hour 45 minutes through a mobile device each day¹ – have you got your timing just right?

Research has revealed optimal times for posting on each social channel – with variation between each of these.  So whether you want to introduce a new product, share some exciting news, or just gain more traction with your posts… you’ll want to check out the insight below:


Take Facebook as the first example, Wednesday at 3pm² is one of the best times to post content during the week – compared to the weekends, where 12pm-1pm is found to be the most efficient time.


On Instagram, 61% of users are between the age of 18 & 34³ so this platform is particularly popular with brands targeting millennials. If your business is aiming to grab the attention of the Instagram scroller, try posting between 7pm-9pm each day¹ for the possibility of the most engagement.


LinkedIn is generally speaking the platform share business news. Research has identified that it may be most effective to post at both noon (lunch time scrolling) or between 5pm-6pm (to capitalise on those heading home!)².


In the UK Twitter now has more than 12.6 million users, with the majority of users aged between 16 and 37 years old. Research has shown that the top time to post varies on the end target. If you’re hoping to reach consumers – its best to post on weekdays at 9am, 12pm and after 5pm – compared to business to business content which is most effective from Monday-Friday, 12pm to 3pm.

To help you get started, we have produced an infographic of the best times to post, in order to communicate with your audience at the most effective time. You can view it here.

If you’re interested in learning more about marketing for your food or drink brand, please email info@elevationmarketing.uk for more information on how our Elevation Marketing programme for SME’s in the food and drink industry could help you!


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