Posted May 22nd, 2019
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With more than 200 million active Instagrammers visiting an Instagram business profile each day, it’s important to make sure your brand is capturing the attention of potential customers. With the platform renowned for browsing, exploring, and hunting out the most visual side of brand it’s important to create a niche and stand out from the competition.

So what do the Instagram experts recommend? Instagram’s top four tips for creating a thumb-stopping creative are:

  1. Make your brand the lead actor: make use of different elements of your brand when creating content. It could be brand logos, colours or products that help you to create your own brand identity. Create a complete creative experience for your community – and your potential customers.  What is it that makes your brand memorable?
  2. Create for mobile first: remember, Instagram is mainly viewed on mobile devices. With consumers scrolling through multiple images every day – is your image thumb-stopping?  What makes you stop to read a caption?  Ultimately what does the image make the viewer think, feel… and do?
  3. Fully utilise your vertical canvas: you are posting an image into a constantly updating news feed. And we all have a short attention span when scrolling on a mobile.  So how are you going to grab attention? The visual, immersive nature of Instagram allows you to do just that – driving more engagement and inspiring action.  Plan your grid in advance, keep it simple – but keep it clever!
  4. Design for an objective: what is the objective of your latest Instagram post? Does your creative work as a piece of a puzzle in helping you to achieve your overall business goal? Are you looking for newsletter sign ups, offering a money off incentive or a limited product run?  Use a creative that aligns with your messaging and

And don’t forget to check the analytics – it’s a great free resource to help you see which posts are creating engagement with your audience. You can even see when your audience is most active – and drill down further to see specific demographic details to ensure you’re targeting the right people at the right time!

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