Posted February 19th, 2019
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Think about your website design. Was it created with mobile browsing in mind?  If the answer is no, read on! New research by Paypal has revealed that small businesses in the UK are losing out sales by not optimising their websites for use on smartphones.

The research found that:

  • 75% of all online time is now spent on a mobile device and 42% of consumers shop via their mobile phone at least once a week
  • For those aged 25-34 – mobile purchasing rises to two thirds (65%)
  • In an average mobile transaction, consumers are willing to spend more than £100, (up £20 since 201
  • Two in ten (22%) consumers say that they prefer shopping on a smartphone, with plans to shop even more on their mobile during 2019
  • Only 17% of small businesses currently offer websites designed for mobile screens
  • And while 9/10 small businesses with mobile-friendly websites think that they offer customers a good experience, only 4/10 consumers agree

It’s not all bad news though! There’s certainly a huge appetite amongst consumers to support small businesses – with mobile shoppers looking to buy products they just can’t find elsewhere, online. Almost half (49%) say that they already shop online from small businesses, with 81% open to buying from a brand or site they haven’t heard of before. So is your website ready for them?

If you’re looking to introduce or improve a mobile friendly website, check out these three top tips from PayPal’s mobile experts:

  • Small screen, big results: 47% of consumers admit to having abandoned mobile purchases because the experience was too slow or difficult. Make your website easy to use, and quick to use on small screens to capitalise on sales
  • Need for speed: Speed of use is a huge factor for almost a third (32%) of shoppers who opt for mobile
  • Trust pays off: More than half (56%) of mobile shoppers more likely to purchase from websites offering a recognised payment method

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